Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fever Night in Blue

Tonight I went to Annemarie`s party that turned out to be a pretty hard one. Some guys came over without being actually invited and claimed to be allowed to be there because other guests had invited them indeed. Eventually they refused to go home and waited in front of the house. Apart from that it was real fun.
I wore a dress from Zara, blue leggins, an H&M cardigan and black pumps.
On the second pic there are Annemarie in her dress from a little shop in Brighton and Monique wearing her grandpa`s chemise.
The third photo shows me and Annemarie.

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  1. Aaaah. Soviele wunderschööne Mädchen auf einem Haufen. Da wird mir ja ganz schwindelig. ! :D
    Die Bilder sind einfch wunderschöön. Ihr habt STYL. !! (:
    Und die blaue Leggins sieht total toll an dir aus Charly. ! <3


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