Sunday, June 13, 2010

Playsuit and Cornfield

Sometimes I think about what the future will be like. Right now I`m excited about it and sad at the same time. It`s only one and a half week before holidays start which is so cool but also bad cause I won`t be seeing my friends for 5 weeks. Afterwards everything will be different. We`ll be in class 11, some of my friends will have changed school (particularly one of my best friends) and I`m afraid of losing contact. Currently my life is more than fine. Indeed I don`t want it to change. But everything changes and will probably be as good as now or even better...

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  1. I love the picture :)

    PS: you don't have to worry, like my grandmother says if you are truely friends you will still hold the contact :) and I got the same problem cause all my class are going to diferent school next year cause the one I go now finishes this year :)