Monday, June 7, 2010


You can`t imagine how tired I am. This weekend I celebrated my birthday (that was in March actually) with my friend Cordu and about 40 guests from her and my school. When they all first met it was kinda weird as they mostly are literally different but it turned out to be a very nice evening which you made new friends on.
We managed to have a band that played 15 awesome songs. It`s called `APEAR` and consists of my friends Eva, Andy, Robert, Patty and Alex. To be honest I hadn`t expected them to be that good. The crowd danced and we guys had lots of fun eating salads, sitting at the fireplace and chattering. Once there was a point when we had to stop the music as some neighbors complained or something but it continued softlier :)
I didn`t sleep a minute. I arrived at home at 9 a.m. and slept till 6 p.m.. Great party, though.

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  1. Hey Schnegge.
    Danke erstmal für dein süßes Kompliment =)
    Öhm unsere Band wird aber nur mit einem P geschrieben. Apear
    Wäre lieb, wenn du es ändern würdest =P

    Lieb dich
    Fühl dich geknutscht