Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Day of Art

I consecrate myself to art today. Cause I feel like doing so.
Do you know the pianist Olga Scheps? I just read an article on her in the German Vogue/August. She is specialised on Chopin whose music I have been in love with for a long time. She really is the best.
I play the piano myself but I always feel like I only play few. It takes a long time to learn pieces from Beethoven, Chopin etc. Unfortunately. I would be dying for playing like Scheps.
Besides I am reading that I have disregarded recently. There is so much stuff I want to read. I am sure you know that feeling: People are recommending books or there are some you always aimed to read. But when? Too little time. It is such a shame. I got 7 books not having been read yet. I will try hard making good for that. I just need art.

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