Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ballet, Acting or Swedish?

As you can see I had my piano concert today. Did I already mention I loved playing the piano? It is just wonderful.
A few days ago I decided to start something new, though. But I am not quite sure yet what. There are a couple of possibilities. Firstly I would love to do ballett even though I am a little old. Still I do not wanna be a ballet star, so... :) The second thing is acting. But there is one disadvantage. I would have had to wait until September cause the new play time starts, then... There is still a Swedish course. It starts in February.
What do you guys think should I do?
Everyone a great Sunday before Christmas.

Love, Charlotte.


  1. Mach doch Schwedisch bis September und dann Schauspielerei, dann hast du 2 Sachen in dem nächsten Jahr geschafft

  2. I vote for Ballet ! I always wanted to do it but I this as you, I think i'm too old hahaha