Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Is Right Around The Corner

The year has passed way too fast. 2010 has been the best one ever. Sooo much about my life has changed. I have become a completely different person. More open-minded, crazy and spontanious. Life has finally started. Yay, I shout it out to the world.
Haha, I AM crazy.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I achieved something I would never have thought a few days ago: I finished all the presents. Actually I am the most unorganised human being, totally chaotic and blah, but I made it! A reason for you to be proud of me. There is only one thing left: the tree. Tomorrow.
To come back to the year`s summary. There were ups and downs (more ups, though) but nothing I regret. My best friends Annemarie and Monique made this year the best in my life so far. This is why I love them so much. Dudes, I LOVE YOU.

Although I consider myself now a pretty satisfied little Charlotte I make up my mind for something new in 2011. This will be THE YEAR. It has to.

Well. I tend to get out of hand, you know.

I wish you all the best Christmas ever. Seize the opportunity to eat A LOT. So do I. Oh oh.

Love, Charlotte

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