Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Huuuuge Stain.

As my heading might already let you guess, I failed today. When I had breakfast. Yes, you read properly. I am just not ABLE to eat the way normal people do. In some situation perhaps a little embarassing, but okay... Well, you will read the whole exclusive story: I was making breakfast for school. The turkey breast looked sooo seducing. I tried. And yet it was on my dress. Amazing.
The End. 
Thank you. xxx


  1. I ain't able to see any stain!?

  2. It was my aim to conceal it. Would have been too bad, sorry :)

  3. Thank's for your comment! You're so lovely! :)
    I'm not really good in english so I don't write in english on my blog :)
    I will take more photos for you :):)
    Hope you understand my words!!
    I'll follow you!

  4. Lovely outfit!

    thanks for your comment!

    xoxo :)


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