Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I will take part in our spring ballet performance. It is gonna be "Coppélia" this year. This piece is about a crazy professor trying to create a living puppet. Then a couple in his neighbourhood notices it is watching them. Everyone wonders if the puppet is a real woman whereas a woman is jealous of it beeing desired by her  boyfriend. She tries to find out what it going on with the mysterious doll, is being caught in the act but can hide and pretends to be a dancing puppet. Her boyfriend fancies the way she simulates to be and falls in love with her in the role of the puppet...


  1. ohhh what an amazing picture !!

  2. Schön, dass dir das gefällt :)
    Ist dir aufgefallen, dass die Bilder eine Geschichte erzählen? :)
    Ich hoffe das auch, ich wünsche es allen!
    Und keinem die Situation, die ich gerade habe^^

  3. du hast den halben blog gelesen?^^

  4. thats awesome that youre a dancer! thanks for commenting on my blog!

    <3 steffy

  5. such a cute pic!
    yout blog is amazing!


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