Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Year Now.

When I left home today at about half past six I felt a scent of rain in the air. You know, it is like so fresh and wonderful. I had to close my eyes, thought of the Amazonas rainforest where it smelled the same way, and had a smile on my face for a second. Now I have my balkony door open to get as much rain air as possible into my room (am I sick or something?). I looove it. But there is still another event today: my best friend and I, we married on Facebook one year ago. Ain`t that an occasion to celebrate? I can already hear your congrats.  Thank you in advance, my dearest. By the way, I almost have 50 readers. I can`t even express how happy I am. Lots of love to you, you are unbelievably gorgeous. 


  1. Wie Blair and Serena. :)
    Ich Liebe dich mein Eheweib! <3
    Du gehörst zu den schönsten und besten Dingen meines Lebens. :)
    Ich liebe dich.

  2. These photos are so lovely, and I love the scent of rain! :)

  3. Love that picture of Blair and Serena its adorable.


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