Monday, April 25, 2011

That Was When Everything Started.

Wuhuuu, back in Germany again. You know what? Don`t you think it`s always kinda like you feel so happy to be back home and you notice it is the best place in the world that not even the most beautiful beach could ever beat? WTF, I LOVE IT HERE. Sooooo, I haven`t dealt with taking piles of photos so far as I was literally too lazy. I`m serious. I was just hanging and hanging and hanging. I didn`t even finish my book. Okay, so there`s only a couple of them in the end. But still enough to post them in different steps (deep in your hearts and minds you know that I know this is kind of clever, just for the reason that I don`t have to post any other stuff instead, then, which means relaaaaxing for a while). Enjoy the show. xx

Awww, and Happy Easter, by the way.


  1. lovely pics!! you're in germany? that's great! i really neeeeeed a vacation haha!

    jos xx

  2. danke schön, wünsch ich dir auch! :)

  3. that last photo is great! I know what you mean, it feels great to come home :D xo

  4. das letzte photo liebe ich auch!!

  5. Das Bild vom Himmel ist schööön :D

  6. danke!
    und latzshorts sind halt ef kool ;D <3

    tolle bilder :)

  7. wow! amazing post, i really love this photos and your blog!


  8. dankeschöön für dein kommentar ;)
    die serie gefällt mir sehr :D♥
    erstrecht das letzte :)
    ich kenn das sehr gut, wenn man wiederkommt und es zuhause einfach immernoch am schönsten ist :3
    lg♥ Mareike

  9. danke danke fürs kommentar! :)
    schöne fotos! vor allem das ganz unten mag ich sehr :))