Sunday, May 1, 2011

L.O.V.E. As The Motto Of The Day.

My weekend has been amazing so far. Friday was the last day of school for the students in class 12. We had a good time in the city`s park, hang out, drank and danced. Afterwards I stayed with my two best friends which is always soooo good. Waking up, eating cornflakes and watching crappy stuff like `Cosmo and Wanda` makes me so happy, haha. Yesterday night we went to the May Dance and played billard that I totally suck at...Not talented at all...Today there is a little school stuff to be done and a small party for people who have helped at the `Hoffest` in my village. Have a nice day. xx 


  1. Gerne verfolgen wir deinen Blog (:
    & natürlich würden wir uns freuen wenn du auch unseren verfolgen würdest ;)
    Mach weiter so, den Blog ist toll <3
    liebe Grüße

  2. beautiful photos! That last one is lovely xo

  3. So jetzt hab ich nochmal auf "Follow" geklickt, in der Hoffnung dass es diesmal geklappt hat ?! :)
    Danke noch für deinen Kommentar <3

  4. i love ur blog!
    have u been in spain, haven't it? ('cause i'm from barcelona)

    like ur style, and the way u think about fashion: people with her own style!

    i'm following ur blog, woulb be grat if u follow me too:


  5. Hi,

    Hey, I love your pictures and I enjoy reading your posts, especially this one. It’s excellent.



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