Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pretty Blogs by Pretty Girls - Episode #1.

Yay, I eventually made it, guys.
After browsing through your blogs I found some really inspiring ones.

Here and there I found myself even being a little jealous due to the beautiful photographs or creative texts.
For me it was important not only to show you the blogs but also to introduce the person behind it a little, as well.
 There were fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, literary blogs and diary blogs. At this point I gotta say I liked them all but, you know, I am an English writing blogger focusing on lifestyle, outfits and fashion so it would not be very appropriate to show blogs telling German stories (even though I considered those veeeery interesting!). Okaaay, enough with this :) Today you`ll be introduced to 3 blogs I adore. Others will be up next (after my trip to Barcelona) <3 xx

Paulina is a photography addict. Walking through the world she sees beautiful motives in everything and wants to share these moments of joy with her readers: "Sometimes I have the feeling my eyes have converted into a view-finder."

Thought floating through your head? Laura knows this feeling well. This is what made the guitar -playing and story-writing hobby photographer call her blog feather in the wind
"I can`t imagine living without my blog anymore. Uniqueness and creativity are important to me."

New in blogging Alina wants so actualize her style. People being nasty behind her back unfortunately hamper her. She loves to travel, taking photos and everything about fashion. 
"Blogging made me become more confident as people who don`t know me honestly tell me what they think."


  1. Danke Danke Danke ,ich hoffe du weißt , das du mich damit richtig glücklich machst :-) bist die beste ! ♥

  2. Ah, wie lieb ist das denn? ♥ Du hast mir gerade meinen Tag versüßt, danke. ♥

  3. klar, können wir machen, ich verfolge dich gerne :)

  4. das ist super, freue mich auch :)